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Collected Works Of Edgar Rice Burroughs

This change for Burroughs was hardly catastrophic. His royalties on Tarzan films alone would have kept food on the table. Not to mention radio shows, comic books, hard cover versions of his collected works published by his own company. No, ERB could have walked away from magazines a long time before the weekly disappeared. His financial problems by 1941 were of world proportions. His foreign royalties had stopped because of the war in Europe. Living in Hawaii, for economy (yes, back then Hawaii was not a state and people fled there to escape US tax and other problems) with his new, young wife, Florence, he banged out work eight hours a day just like any working stiff. These stories were a little different than in the old days. With the Weeklies gone, Burroughs had to write for the Pulps. And it was a new game. Instead of the novels of yesteryear he wrote 20,000 word novellas he would later stick together with a few new chapters to make books.

Collected Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Due to sheer boredom, the disheartened child eventually cracked the spine of his new paperback novel, only to discover a wonderful world of action and adventure. His mother's betrayal led to a lifelong love of the Lord of the Apes and the collected works of Burroughs that has lasted to this day, the writer told CBR. That's why his latest project, illustrated by Cezar Razek, has filled him with joy and some heart-felt trepidation. 041b061a72


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