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Here in southeast Texas, we see both mice and rats and both will take up residence in your homes and businesses.

(Rodents generally begin to seek shelter indoors when the weather starts to cool.)

If you see signs of rodents or believe that you have a rodent problem in your home or office, call us so that we can conduct a thorough inspection of your premises to verify whether or not you have a rodent issue.


If you do have rodents, we will develop and implement an effective strategy to get rid of the rodents inside your structure and prevent others from gaining access in the future, via a rodent exclusion service, which is a separate service.   



Signs of Rodents

  • droppings

  • rub marks

  • chew marks

  • small holes in walls

  • scurrying noises in walls or ceilings

Basic Rodent 




2 Rodent Bait Stations

Up to 4 snap traps


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