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Hari Vijay Granth PDF - The Story of Panduranga and Pundalik

shree harivijay granth is a devotional literature composed by Shridhar Swami Nazarekar (1658-1729), a popular Marathi poet in the 17-18th century. It literally means 'Victory to God Hari'.Shri HariVijay Grantha has 36 Adhyayas in all having total 8139 oovis in it. This Grantha depicts the complete Life-time story of Shri Krishna.Sridhar Swami narrated the pastime where mother Yasoda Lord Ganesha for Krishnas good future. Mother Yasoda was fasting for Lord Ganesha during Sankshti Chaturthi. When she was about to break her fast in evening by seeing moon, she offer laddus to Ganesha Deity. That time Krishna was playing near and Krishna was that offering. Immediately Krishna told mother Yasoda that He will eat only Laddus not Ganesha.Mother Yasoda said that Ganesha will eat first then you and what happened, mother Yasoda went into Kitchen to bring some other food items to offer and seeing no one there, Krishna ate all those laddus kept before Ganesha. When Mother Yasoda came she was that the plate was empty.She asked Krishna where all laddus are gone and Krishna said that Ganesha ate and also said that He was scared to see Ganesha big tusk. Mother Yasoda then told Krishna to open his mouth , when Krishna opened his mouth, Mother Yasoda saw millions of Ganesha murthis being created and main Ganesha spoke to mother Yasoda that Krishna is the Supreme Lord , simply worshipping Him and offer all the food only to Krishna as when Krishna is satisfied, all demigods including Him are satisfied. And that scene was vanished after Ganesha spoke to Her. Mother Yasoda was stunned and took Krishna to Kitchen to feed him.So Sridhar Swami says that we should only please Krishna with one point, Devotional Service.This comes from varkari sampradaya in pandharpur. It has approximate 36 chapters and pastimes of Krishna is taken from srimad bhagavatam, padma purana, skanda purana and harivamsha purana.Benefits of reading Shree HariVijay Granthaharivijaymarathi abhangshree hariharivijay kathasar pdfharivijay pdf free downloadhari vijay granth adhyaybhakti vijay granth marathi pdfshri hari vijaybhakti vijay granth marathi pdf free downloadshri hari vijay granth marathi pdfharivijay kathasar pdf free downloadhis is a Marathi book ShrI harivijay kathAsAr ShrI hariwijay

hari vijay granth pdf download

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