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Artemy Eagles
Artemy Eagles

Super Smash Bros Brawl 100 Save File 13

the super smash bros. brawl 100 save file 13 is a hidden character named mr. resetti, who is mentioned in a book called super mario encyclopedia . mr. resetti's description says, "by the way, mr. resetti has gone missing. it's a shame, really, but i suppose some people have their work cut out for them."

Super Smash Bros Brawl 100 Save File 13

in super smash bros. brawl 's story mode, the lives counter starts at 1,999 lives, however the maximum number of lives is dependent on the player's progress. depending on the difficulty, and depending on the number of times the player passes through the first round of the game, the maximum lives allowed may range from around 1,950 to 1,980. there are also five different scenarios/tutorials which increase the maximum lives limit to around 2,990, however these are used to teach basic gameplay mechanics and are not needed to beat the game. the maximum number of lives is not displayed in-game. this was changed from super smash bros. melee where the lives counter was shown on the bottom-right of the screen and was equal to the maximum amount of lives the player could have.

in super smash bros. brawl and super smash bros. melee, as a result of the difference in maximum lives between the two games, players are able to reach 100 lives during the completion of the game. in super smash bros. melee, this was possible due to glitches in the game, such as the ability to gain infinite lives, and the game was patched to prevent this in super smash bros. brawl. however, the patches have left the ability to gain infinite lives in super smash bros. melee unpatched, and this is still possible.


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