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Where Can I Buy A Voice Activated Recorder

Over the past 16 years of working for SpyCentre Security, I have personally watched the transformation the hidden audio market has made. From large pens with 3 hours of battery life that could MAYBE download to your Windows 2000 or XP machine (and if you had a MAC, you had to trade it in for a Windows computer if you bought one of these digital voice recorders because there is no possibility it would have download to anything Apple!)

where can i buy a voice activated recorder

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Digital voice recorders are much more discrete and effective. Also, most of these listening devices offer unmatched battery life and voice-activated recording, allowing them to record for days discreetly -- even when you are away. The comparison table below highlights some of our favorite devices.

Microphone Quality: The quality of the microphone is essential. It makes a difference between clear recordings and muffled ones. The recorders on this list have the ability to hear up to 40 feet in optimal conditions. The less background noise, the further and clearer you will pick up voices and make them out when playing back the recordings.

Voice Activation: A great feature for conserving storage space, a hidden recording device with voice activation will begin to record if it detects noise and will stop recording if no noise is detected for a period of time. I also want to point out that many of today's audio recorders offer both voice activation and continuous recording, which can be helpful with varying noise volumes or if you do not want to miss a single thing and don't mind playing through longer media files.

Size of Device: While a small device may be easier to conceal or carry around with you, it will likely have a smaller battery, meaning shorter battery life. The upside is that smaller recorders normally have a much faster recharge time, 1 to 2 hours in most instances. With today's modern voice recorders, you can recharge them with your laptop, desktop, or any powered USB supply that you use for your smart devices.

The name isn't clever, it's true! This small recording device measures at .7in x 1.8in x .24in.But aside from the fact that it truly is tiny, it is featured packed and simple to use. Activation and recording are all built into one; turn the unit on located at the top left of the device. That's it. Once it's on, it's recording, giving you the flexibility to turn this small digital voice recorder on and off at a moment's notice anywhere; leave it in your pocket or purse or out on a counter. Not only is this voice-activated recorder easy to operate, but it also has a large audio pick-up range of up to 40 feet in optimal conditions.

Our high-quality digital voice recorder with a built-in 8GB flash memory allows it to store 90 hours of recordings and last for up to 10 hours on a full charge (2-hour recharge). You can quickly switch to voice-activated recording or leave the device in continuous, depending on what the situation calls for. It can be downloaded to a Mac or PC, and forget about old clunky software folks, not with this little guy, plug and play your files with the included USB cable.

Spy recorder pens have been around for some time, and the idea has been around for even longer; think of all those cool James Bond movies where they used pens to set off bombs and free themselves from captivity. Well, this little digital voice recorder pen may not trigger a remote detonation. But it may help rectify issues at work or home with verbal abuse, lying, infidelity, and more.

This tiny drive measures 2.5 x 3/4 x .5 and has voice-activated recording or continuous recording. 24-hour battery life allows for a full day of continuous recording, that's quite a bit of recording for such a small device, and you're only looking at 2 hours to charge this device fully. To activate this digital voice recorder, all you have to do is turn the little switch on the back of the device left or right, left for continuous or right for voice-activated recording.

The switch is actually the lanyard hole itself, so you could attach this device to your keys or purse or keep it in your pocket and turn it on when you need it. When using voice-activated recording, you will have an unreal battery life of up to 25 days, plus you can store up to 288 hours of recordings.

Time and date stamped recording is available for this model but only for PC users currently. But anyone with a Mac or PC can download the files from these digital voice recorders right onto their computers, and you don't need any software; once again, plug and play.

One of the best features of this device is that it can be plugged into any powered USB port or computer and set to record in either continuous or voice-activated, taking battery life out of the equation, giving you a 24/7 audio recorder. If you choose to use this recorder, be sure to clear your device's memory so it can continue to operate while recording.

This covert power bank recorder is one of our best devices for those scenarios where you need several hundred hours of recording. Disguised as a working power bank, use it at home in the conference room, office, dorm, or sitting on your table. Even better, it has magnets on the backside so you can secure it to a metal surface.

This simple spy voice recorder looks just like a Fitbit or fitness tracker, making it a perfect device for covert recording. Not only that this voice recorder actually looks nice, I mean nice enough to wear with not just casual clothes but also special events, work, weddings really anywhere.

Like the pro version, this model has a simple one-touch voice record mode; slide the switch to on, on the bottom of the recorder, and your recording. Like the previous models, you can leave this out overtly or hide it, drop it in your pocket, or put it in your purse. You can download your audio clips on a PC or Mac. This is definitely one of the best recording devices you can get for the money.

It can pick up audio within 40 feet in optimal conditions like the rest of the recorders on this list and really functions as a USB flash drive so you could store important files on this thumb drive when your not using it for a voice recorder.

The LawMate Keychain Voice Recorder with Voice Activation is one of the handiest on-the-fly recorders we sell for people who need to record audio inside of vehicles. Since it looks like a car remote, this voice recorder blends in well with any environment. Leave it lying anywhere in the car, and no one will give it a second look. To complete the disguise, add it to a keychain with an old car key on it.

But a good quality spy voice recorder won't just pick up conversations between two people sitting in a vehicle. It can also record phone conversations that are taking place in the car if your target is using their phone on speaker mode.

The console in the back seat is yet another great spot to hide a voice-activated recorder. Not a great choice if there are often children or passengers in the back, but if the back seat is not often used, it's unlikely to be discovered if placed here.

Back seat consoles typically fold up and down in the middle of the seats. Whether in cracks or underneath the seat, you should be able to find a spot to discreetly attach a small voice-activated recorder, such as our World's Smallest Micro Voice Recorder 90 Hours of Storage.

Ensure that you securely attach the voice-activated recorder if you choose this spot. You don't want the device falling out and being found! Ensure it stays put with the SCOSCHE MagicMount Surface 2 or use strong tape to adhere to the recorder. Just make sure that it doesn't interfere with the microphone, which can impede the overall audio quality of your recording.

The LawMate Car Key Fob Recorder is an excellent choice when shopping for sound-activated spy recorders or audio recording devices. This secret voice recorder is small, discrete, and designed to look just like a key fob.

Plus, the LawMate Key Fob is lightweight and doesn't have any lights to draw attention to it. Weighing only 2 ounces and measuring 3 inches in length, these mini voice recorders are super easy to conceal, and they can record audio up to 40 feet away from the source.

This device takes only 2 hours to charge fully and has an excellent battery life! It provides up to 10 hours of continuous recording or roughly 50 hours of voice-activated recording. To top it all off, it comes with a 2GB memory that offers you up to 35-hours of storage capacity for your audio evidence.

This recorder is straightforward to use, and you can easily switch from voice activation to continuous recording. Simply press one button to turn on the recorder and another button to stop. The recorder will gently vibrate to let you know it's working.

Another handy feature is that it comes with a detachable magnet that allows you to fasten the recorder to any metal surface. Placing the unit above the pedals or on the runners of a seat would be perfect. Once you've collected your evidence and are finished recording voices, you can then download your recorded files to either a PC or Mac.

Long battery life, standby mode, and storage capabilities are most important for some. For others, the disguise of the physical design is essential. Still, some will rely on recorders having a headphone jack if they do not have a computer. You may need to consider many factors for using a voice recorder in a car.

Not all recorders have voice activation. You will need to start and stop the recording manually with some recorders. A recorder activated by voice automatically starts recording when it detects sound and stops when things go silent.

If you do not have frequent access to the recording device, you will need a device with a more significant amount of storage space. Our USB Power Bank audio recorder has options to record continuously for 336 hours or last in standby mode for up to 150 days! It can store up to 576 hours of voice recordings on its 16GB memory.

Some voice-activated recorders will include a date and time stamp feature, which lets you know precisely when your recordings took place. If you need to know when specific conversations took place, make sure to choose a voice recorder with this feature. Some devices have time stamp programs that work only on Windows computers, but the World's Thinnest Micro Voice Recorder Voice Activated uses a text document to do it, which works with Mac's. 041b061a72


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