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Artemy Eagles

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US critics were favourable. Rachel Saltz of The New York Times wrote, "The giddy camera work and busy visual effects would be exhausting if their excess didn't fit so well with the movie's tongue-in-cheek tone".[35] Frank Lovece of Film Journal International found it "crowded with dizzying visuals, dry humor, cartoonishly violent set-pieces that play like Indian Spaghetti Westerns, and gorgeously shot musical numbers.[36] Maitland McDonagh of TV Guide described the film as "a delirious crime romp [that] borrows pop-savvy attitude from Quentin Tarantino, stylised gun-play from Sergio Leone and stylised hand-to-hand combat moves from Hong Kong action films. The result is a nutty, ridiculously entertaining neo-noir pastiche with lavish musical numbers."[37]

shara ali khan move Search Result ::



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