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Tikhon Rybakov Premium Membership Hack: How to Save Money and Find Your Match

Also read: 8 things you must never eat or drink before a flight #4 Opt for different airlinesAgreed, the easiest to book flights for your trip is to book for a return journey. Besides, the general perception suggests that return flights are cheaper. But the truth is rather different. Make that extra effort to go through the flights offered by other airlines and be a more open about the time of your flight. Trust us, you will surely crack a cheaper deal.#5 Don't book on the weekendContrary to popular belief, booking flights on the weekend is not at all a good idea. If you notice carefully, airfares usually go up on a Friday and starts plummeting on a Monday or a Tuesday. According to my observation over a six-month period, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the cheapest days to book a flight ticket. #6 Use the airline website to bookGiven the increasing number of travel booking websites, it is always easier to opt for a Makemytrip or a Goibibo for booking a flight. But these websites are smart and no matter how much of discount they show you at the moment they show you the search results, the moment you try to book, you will end up paying an increased amount. This is because they include their service charges at the time of preparing your final bill--very smart, aren't they? Well, they also need to earn their revenues. So the next time, make that extra effort to visit the airline's official website and book your desired flight from there. Trust us, you will surely save at least few hundred bucks, if not more.

how to crack premium membership

The main point that you needs to know is that if you had an active subscription or any premium membership then after deleting your account it will be cancelled. But Make sure No-Refund will be there. So make a decision that do you really wish to delete it or not.


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