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U R My Jaan 1080p Dual Audio Movies !FREE!

Support 1080P? Say no! What does "Support 1080P" mean? It's 800 x 480P, not 1920 x 1080P.Native 1080P: 4x pixels more than 480P, Clearer, brighter, and high contrast. More and more family choose Native 1080P projector.Projection Distance and Screen SizeThrow ratio: 1.3:1;The shortest projection distance: 1.5m, At 100% zoom: 50"; At 75% zoom: 37.5".The most suitable projection screen size is 120", The projection distance is 3.4m.The closer the projection distance, the brighter the screen, the clearer the screen.If you want to quickly know the screen size corresponding to the projection distance, please feel free to tell us.Built-in dual speakers with SRS systermAfter tuning and upgrading by our professional team, the built-in dual speakers played the best performance.Scope of application: 050.The projector can connect Bluetooth speakers via Firestick or other stream devices.The projector can connect wire speakers via the AUX interface.Due to the copyright, Dolby audio not be supported. But you can solve it via an HDMI to Audio splitter(not include).

U R My Jaan 1080p Dual Audio Movies

Other Names: Digital visual interface, DVI-A, DVI-D single link, DVI-D dual link, DVI-I single link, and DVI-I dual linkSignal Type: Digital/analogMaximum Resolution: 1080pAssociated Devices: Computers

Netflix customers now all have the option to stream their favorite television shows and movies in the highest quality bit rate that the company offers. HD? No, Super HD. It's 1080p, but with less compression. Netflix first rolled out this higher quality offering way back in January, but they only worked with ISPs with whom they have a direct connection. Now they're ready to stream Super HD to everyone. They're also hoping more ISPs will adopt Netflix Open Connect, their video content delivery network that tries to reduce internet congestion by storing content on servers as close to users as possible.


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